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Oh.. sorry about that. The website is Enjoy!


That's great. But can't we have the url of the argentinan blog ? I can't find anything but the trackback. It's frustrating.
Very good blog, indeed.


I can relate to this - one of my biggest challenges spending a semester in school in Beijing 10 years ago was the infrequent access to good coffee. We had one coffee shop that had been opened by a Canadian for which you had to go a fair walk to get a cup of washed-down brown liquid at a hefty price, and the school cafeteria catered to the 'waiguoren' ('gringos' in Chinese) by serving small cups of instant coffee in the mornings. I bought my own instant coffee to bring along when we went on trips as the drink was impossible to find on trains and small towns back then.

I remember sitting around a proper mug of coffee with a couple of my friends in our residence. An Italian friend had brought some coffee beans and a coffee press from back home. We all took a sip and passed around the precious drink. I realize how weird and obsessive this sounds as I write this but I guess finding common traditions with foreigners in faraway places makes you bond in your appreciation of something you had taken for granted before. We all felt our experience of being in a totally different culture was enhanced in noticing the things we didn't have, so deep down we enjoyed our small ‘sacrifice’.

I suppose I could have done as the Chinese do and just had tea along the way but my one-cup-a-day addiction is so rewarding that why would I have ruined a wonderful experience going through withdrawals!

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